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Make It With Wool                                                      

The sponsorship of the California Make It With Wool Competition is our most exciting way of promoting the wool industry.  

The contest is open to anyone meeting the following age requirements:

  • Preteens, age 12 and under
  • Juniors, ages 13-16
  • Seniors, ages 17-24
  • Adults, age 25 or older
  • Made for Others, all ages
Age is determined on January 1 of the year contestant is entering their district or state contest.  (For those with a January 1 birthday, you are the new age.)

Contestants may enter a one-piece garment, a two-piece outfit, an ensemble (three or more garments worn together at one time), or a wearable accessory.  Fabrics or yarns used to construct the garment must be 100% wool or wool blend (minimum 60% wool or specialty wool fiber).  Specialty wool fibers include mohair, cashmere, alpaca, camel, llama, and vicuna.  The entire garment body (back, front, and sleeves) must be wool or wool-blend fabric.  Trims, facings, linings, interfacings, and under linings may be fabrics other than wool or wool blends.

The objectives of this competition are to promote the beauty and versatility of wool fabrics and yarns; to encourage and recognize personal creativity; and to develop life skills - being responsible for one's self, being a good sport, accepting judges' decisions, and learning about and appreciating diversity.

For entry forms and additional details, please contact:

Sandi Geringer
CA MIWW State Director

751 Seawood Way
San Jose, CA 95120

For complete contest rules, please visit